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Oct 27, 2013

St. Joseph of the Carpenters in Rome.

San Giuseppe dei Falegnami is one of those surprising non-tourist Roman parish churches definitely worth a visit.  It is located up above the Mamertine Prison, the ancient Roman prison where, according to the legend, St. Peter and St. Paul were kept before martyrdom.
At the foot of the Capitole hill, by the Arch of Septimius Severus.
It's a baroque church, 'very' baroque:  a golden light pervades the richly decorated interior.  Built in 1597 by the Congregation of the Carpenters:  many of the angels hold carpenter's instruments in honor of their patron saint St. Joseph. The project by Giovan Battista Montani is completed by G.B. Soria.

Partly remodeled at the end of XIX century.

Rest on the flight to Egypt and Prophets by Giuseppe Puglia (1634).

Nativity -1651
Carlo Maratta
(2nd altar, left).

The Oratory is the real gem.
Frescoes by a very active baroque artist from Velletri:
Marco Tullio Montagna.
One of the preliminary sketches for those frescoes is...
in the Art Museum of the School of Design in
Rhode Island!

Marriage of the Virgin Mary.


Flight to Egypt.

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